Current Students and Projects:

David Cuomo-PhD student-rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy of Cretaceous marine sediments from Texas and Tertiary continental sediments from Spain

Daniel Minguez-MS student-rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy of Late Proterozoic cap carbonates from Death Valley, CA

Allison Teletske-PhD student (with Dave Anastasio) magnetostratigraphy of Tertiary continental sedimentary rocks from Spain

Kellen Gunderson-PhD student (with Dave Anastasio and Frank Pazzaglia) rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy of Pliocene rocks from northern Italy

sample image
Lehigh Paleomagnetism Laboratory
sample image
ASC Thermal Demagnetizer and KLY-3s Kappabridge in the Lehigh shielded room
sample image
2G Superconducting Magnetometer and working collection sample storage in the Lehigh shielded room